3 Years!

IMG_3423 2Yesterday was our three year anniversary! We never thought that we would be celebrating our 3 years in the Country where we first met. Yesterday was a full day of ministry and intercession, complete with a power outage in the evening. The village we are currently living in with our team is in the mountains of Jararbacoa, Dominican Republic…so running out of electricity and water isn’t so uncommon. This is the life we signed up for, this is the life we dreamed of together, our common desire to disciple youth and serve God all over the world is what first drew us together. Im so thankful to be walking out that life with this wonderful man and adventure seeker. Marriage has been the most beautiful opportunity to be more like Christ, to learn how to put selfishness aside and walk out the love of Jesus. It is tough at times, but it is good and I’m so thankful for every moment of it.

Also, I was looking at wedding photos last night and came across the delicious cake my good friend Courteney made for us. Red velvet with butter cream icing. Y’all, it was heavenly. I wish I could re-live my wedding day every year, so much goodness! Heres to many more years!