A big surprise!

IMG_4666I was shocked when my mom walked through my front door December 1st! It was the best surprise, ever. I had been dreading the week to come because Josh was going to be in Amsterdam for two weeks. Im an introvert, but geeze two weeks alone with a baby is a little much for me. My moms visit totally saved me from binge eating and loosing my mind. It was the perfect timing.



A few weeks ago we discovered a little white tooth poking its way through Coras gums after she bit me while feeding. OK, THAT was the most painful thing, ever. She got  to giggling when I shrieked in pain and from then on thought it was a funny game. Breastfeeding…over. So we have entered the teething stage. She’s been sucking face like theres no tomorrow. Mom enjoyed it =)IMG_4799  IMG_4752

Us girls had so much fun these past 10 days! We celebrated Cora turning 6 months old by spending the weekend in Paris! We enjoyed the Eiffel Tower at night, ate some delicious Pizza Hut (oh how I have missed you deep crust cheesy goodness!) visited Shakespeare and Company, had brunch at Les Deux Magot, and toured Notre Dame. It was such a precious time to spend together. Cora is quite the traveler and was so excited and happy the whole time. She made friends everywhere we went!IMG_4869

Eyes off my Cappuccino girlfriend…

For those of you planning a visit to Paris you must, must, MUST eat at Les Deux Magot. It is famous for once being a regular dwelling place of Ernest Hemingway. You can see pictures of him along the wall and other well known writers. The atmosphere is inviting and friendly and the waiters love babies (well, they loved Cora at least.) The food is truly delicious and should be on everyones list of places to visit while in Paris.

IMG_4824Having my mom here was a huge breath of fresh air. I am so close with my mom and being on opposite sides of the globe is painful. Im not going to lie, I had many thoughts of burning her passport or telling her the wrong time for her departure flight just to keep her here longer. I bet she wouldn’t have been too mad if I had.  I am so thankful for this week I had with her and it has made the distance a bit more bearable… for the moment.

Love you momma!


Family trip! Pt.1

Josh’s parents were here for a visit last week! We had been looking forward to this time with them for so long. We picked them up from the airport on Thursday morning and drove straight to the cutest town in France called Annecy. We rented two different homes for a long weekend. We drove through the mountains and up windy roads to our first destination. Seriously the cabin was to die for. It was tucked into the side of a hill with a killer view of the French mountains, plumb trees for the picking, and lots of goats roaming around. A slice of heaven. 
Our time with them was precious. We hiked through the Gorges du Fier, explored the streets of Annecy, tandem biked along the lake, had tea in the Jardin Secrets, toured castles, and ate many, many pastries. One of ym favorite parts was watching them with Cora, all googley-eyed and kissing her every chance they got. They love us and they love our girl, and we love them.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 


Cora’s first hike

Last week my grandpa (boss, is what we call him) came to visit us! We had beautiful, cool, overcast weather here in Switzerland so we decided to take a hike. Josh and I had recently spotted some hiking trails just up the hill from where we live so we thought we should give it a try! It was Coras very first hike and we were so excited to see how she responded to it. Mostly she slept…but every once in a while she would open her eyes real wide and take in all the tall thin trees towering over her. She was so relaxed thanks to the handy dandy baby holder that Josh carried her in. Out like a light almost instantly.  Ever sense the hike we have been using the carrier when she gets fussy or when we are trying to get her to sleep. Day and night. We think it has magical powers. Don’t judge us.IMG_3373IMG_3374IMG_3371IMG_3372

Life recently according to my iPhone

Having my mom and sister here all month has been AMAZING. Seriously, I don’t know what I will do when they fly back to the States. We have always been a close family, hardly ever getting sick of each other and always having a good laugh. People have asked me if I need “my space” with family here, and I honestly it couldn’t be more opposite. Time like this is precious. Mom and Livi have been a huge help in taking care of Cora and helping with cooking, laundry, cleaning and running errands. I love that they have had good one on one time with Cora and have been able to experience her in this first stage of life. Cora looks at Livi like she’s the bees knees , and she loves it when my mom puts her to sleep. This is the kind of girl time money can’t buy people. Please don’t end! IMG_2726IMG_2447

Gelato for days…
P.S. I have this super yummy, but pretty nasty goal of trying every Gelato flavor available at the Gelato shop. Baby weight is here to stay people. IMG_2448IMG_2739IMG_2738
IMG_2730IMG_2672 IMG_2732 IMG_2733 IMG_2729 IMG_2647

Happy 2014!

Happy new year!

We hope you are well and full of Gods love as we start this new year! Although it was not in our plans to return home during this time we feel incredibly blessed to be home for the Holidays. We are in a time of trusting the Lord and praying for His provision as we wait for our visas to be accepted. It feels frustrating at times to know we have zero control of this process, but it is a great opportunity to see the Lord work in our lives.

As we enter in this new year we know there will be new challenges, such as becoming parents (YAY!) and working with YWAM Switzerland. We also know that we serve a great and loving God, who provides and takes care of us through joyous and challenging times. We are thankful for this season of life and for the plans the Lord has for us this year!

Cheers to 2014!

 Heres some of our favorite moments from this year.




Christmas Traditions

We were a little late this year, BUT today we fulfilled all of our little Christmas traditions! For as long as I can remember we have gone to the Owasso Tree Farm to pick out our Christmas tree. While we are there we always take a ride around the property on the hay ride, indulge in their yummy hot apple cider, and pick out a new family ornament!

So today we did just that.

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Little photo shoot on the hay ride

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Out of order. But still cute, and there every year!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And our traditional meal at this Mazzios on the side of the highway. Its weird, I know, but its tradition!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And I just can’t leave this little gem out! My mom and dads first Christmas ornament. So sweet.

Merry Christmas!

Home for the holidays!

For those of you who do not receive our newsletters this post is for you.

We have had a CRAZY past two weeks.

A few weeks ago we met with our Chatel staff family to talk about making a long-term commitment. Up until this month we felt that we would make the two year commitment and stay as staff at Chatel. But we sensed that the Lord was pulling us in a new direction.

There are five YWAM bases in Switzerland, all different and unique. Just over the hill in Burtigny is a base that we have had connection to. We felt that we should pray and consider if the Lord was asking us to switch bases for the long-term at Burtingy, and as we prayed the doors began to open. Chatel supported us as we decided to switch to Burtigny to serve at the base and focus on their Discipleship Training School (DTS) ministry.

We moved to Burtigny last Monday and have spent the week getting to know the staff and orientation. Because of recent visa laws we found out that we need to be in our home country to complete our two year visa…not gonna lie, when I heard this my preggo cravings went haywire thinking of greasy american foods…

SO..we fly out tomorrow morning at 7:30am back to the U.S.A! 

We are praying the visa doesn’t take longer than 2 months to complete. We are excited to spend the Holidays with family and friends while also preparing and working towards heading back asap.

These changes and flying home were never in our original plans. We are learning to listen to the Lord and follow His lead in every season of life. He knew this was a part of the plan even though we never saw it coming. He is always faithful and always good.

If you are in Tulsa we would love to see you!

If you would like to receive our monthly email updates please email me at,


ps. It snowed this week!

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