Be Still.

Right now my house is, quiet. (knock on wood).

I feel like silence is an old friend these days. Most days are noisy, with the laundry going, Cora playing, friendly conversation, movies playing, music playing, dishing being washed, Skype calls being made, chitter chatter of neighborhood kids outside. But right now, its quiet. I’m used to the noise and the hustle and bustle of the day. I find myself wishing, praying, for a quiet moment but then when it presents itself I quickly turn on background music or play a Netflix movie just to fill the void that is silence. Why do I do that?

My life is busy, your life is probably busy, our world is one big, busy, noisy place to live. I feel that without knowing it or even wanting it I have become comfortable in the noise, in the busy. I get anxious and uneasy in the silence. I must be busy, always accomplishing, always moving forward.

Stopping, being quiet, goes against the rhythm of the world. It goes against the rhythm inside me.

Right now, in this quiet still house I hear an echo of the Holy Spirit calling my heart to , be still. Take a breath momma. Put down the dishes and turn off the TV and just be with me.

But instead my body is tensed up, I look around the room at what needs to be done, and I miss the moment of silence, the moment of stillness in my busy life with my God.

Be still and know that I am God. Isn’t this something that I need in my life? Isn’t this something that my heavenly Father commands of me? Isn’t this something that He knows I desperately need?

Being still is hard because it challenges us to lay aside productivity and take a moment to know that God is God. We live in a world that wants to pull us far from the peace of God and into the distraction of busyness.

I have seen busyness become a really bad thing in my life. Even the good kind of busy can be a hindrance. Busy being a mom, busy leading a Church, busy being a friend, busy making meals for the family, busy cleaning the house, these are all good things. If I’m not careful these good tasks in my life become the very thing that enables me to be still in Gods presence.

This morning I am challenged to be obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to be still in the presence of the Father.



Thoughts on community


I dont know about you, but when Josh and I are asked over to someones house for dinner, or we find a encouraging note with a plate of cookies on our front door step we feel very, very loved. There is something powerful about being thought of, and when someone takes time to spend with you. Something in us seems to be watered, and through those relationships a sense of life and fullness sprouts up within us.

To me this is what community can bring to each of us. A sense of fulfillment and fullness. Josh and I have been talking a lot about what Christian community looks like within and outside of the Church. We are in the process of discovering what this looks like, and I want to share that process with you. Today I found this verse…

And all the believers lived in wonderful harmony, holding everything in common. They sold whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each persons need was met. They followed a daily discipline of worship in the Temple followed by meals at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful, as they praised God. People in general liked what they saw. Everyday their number grew as God added those who where saved.- Acts 2:44-47

A beautiful image formed in my imagination as I read this. I pictured people not only loving Jesus, but loving the people around them. I saw families and friends having daily meals at home together, not labeling any of their own belongs as “my possessions” but giving to each other freely, worshiping and praying together, having a door thats opened ready for hospitality, encouraging one another. Living life together.

Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay       .- 1 Peter 4:9

Do not look out for your own interests, but take an interest in others too            .- Philippians 2:4

Freely you have received; freely give.- Matthew 10:8

I think its easy to adapt to a life of selfishness. The message of this world tells us to only think about ourselves and do only what makes us happy. We see our possesions as things we have earned, and deserve. We forget to love our neighbors and call our friends becuase we don’t have time for that. We put ourselves in a comfortable box with the things we love, and only the people we love. We suclude, we disengage, we become lazy. “ME Time” becomes a key part of our lives.

But what I see in Acts, 1 Peter, Philippians, and Matthew looks so different.

Live in harmony together. Give what you have to those in need asking nothing in re-turn. Love your neighbors, put others above yourself, have people over to your home, share meals, make time to worship and pray together, get rid of your “bubble” and live life with people. Be opposite of what the world says. Be someone who loves and gives freely.

By going against our human nature and choosing to live in true community with others the way Christ has called us to, I beleive we will have richer and fuller lives. And maybe sometimes we won’t, but does it matter? If we are to be Christ followers, this is how we are called to live regardless.

Today I learned that community looks like less, ME and more, WE.

What do you think about this whole community life-style? What do you think it looks like in todays world?  I would love to hear you input!

Look and C.


An adventurous pursuit to bridge the gap between Creatives and so called “Non Creatives”.

Casey O’Connell is doing a beautiful thing. I don’t know her personally, but I am inspired by her. She is opening up her creativity to the public in hopes to help others be brave, awaken the creativity in themselves, and find their inner calling.

So often we let our own fears get in the way of our dreams. We make excuses and find reasons why we can’t be who we want to be or do what we want to do. I love that Casey is taking the risk and facing her own fears in hopes to empower others.

Please take a look at her kickstart video here, and read up on her page. You can also give towards her project or send some supportive words her way.

I hope this reminds you of the calling deep in your heart, and gives you encouragement to go after it!

Thanks for your bravery and inspiration Casey, you go girl.