Hola Dominicana!


Two weeks ago we arrived in the Dominican Republic! After months of cold, chilly weather in Europe the heat and humidity was quite confronting when we stepped off the plane in Santo Domingo. It feels so good to be back in this beautiful country, and it brings back many good memories of my DTS and meeting Josh and his family almost 8 years ago. You know how smells, flavors, and atmospheres can bring back so many emotions? The Dominican is one of those places for me. I feel like I get a “heart hug” every time I’m here and I love it more with every visit. The Dominican will also have a special place in my heart and be a place that forever changed my life.

We brought with us 9 students from 8 different nations to this Island for their DTS out-reach! All of them so special and such troopers. This is one of my favorite things about working with YWAM, you are constantly in cross cultural situations no matter what. It becomes normal though, hearing 5 or more languages all the time, having a wallet full of different currencies, and always working out of different time zones. The YWAM base we are working with right now here in Villa Mella is staffed by Dominicans, Haitians, and mostly Koreans! So cool. The signs above doors are written in English, Spanish, and Korean, and at the end of the food line you can choose between forks, spoons, and chop sticks. This is the life people. IMG_6404

Our little mover is almost 11 months old and I’m pretty sure she was born for island living. The heat and mosquitos don’t seem to bother her to much and she loves the ocean. Last weekend we went to the beach for the first time and she kicked around in the water and loved maybe a little too much licking the salt water from her lips. I’m so proud of my girl. She has lived in more places than most people do in a lifetime and she has so much joy through every transition and new experience. Lord, may all of our babies be this AWESOME! IMG_6440IMG_6420

More updates to come! A big thanks to everyone who has been praying for us. If you would like to receive an update email from us with more ministry stories and updates please leave me your email =)

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