Early Mornings and My Favorite Photos

Josh and I woke up at the early hour of 4:30am from a whimpering Cora in her crib. She usually doesn’t wake up this early so we knew something was wrong, and telling by her cry (because all babies have different cries for different feelings) we knew something spooked her. She reached for me when I went to her crib, and as I picked her up she buried her head in my neck. Safe place. I lay her down between Josh and I and she cuddled her way close to us, and the tears slowly quieted. It was early, we were tired, and it feels like these days we just never have down time, but this morning I was reminded what a privilege it is to  be a mom, her mom.

Today I decided to work from home with Cora which I’m learning is borderline impossible at this stage. Moving, climbing, grabbing, pulling,sticking everything in her mouth, I can’t look away for one second! In one sense this is my favorite stage so far that I have had with her, and on the other hand its the most difficult. Maybe all new stages will feel this way? Can anyone tell me when I will finally feel like I have this whole mom thing figured out?

Anyways, last month a good friend of mine,Tegan, took some family photos of us and some of Cora that I haven’t been able to stop looking at. By the way, when did this little girl get so big? I have to remind myself sometimes to just slow down, look at her sweet face, and take it all in. It goes by way to fast. Any other moms feelin me on this one?





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