New things and iPhone pics

Hey friends. Its been awhile! Life has been one big crazy mess of fun and hard work recently and we have been just super busy. OK, so this is going to be a bit of a messy blog post, so bare with me! Over the past month Josh and I (mostly Josh) have been working hard on creating our own website. We wanted people to have a clear place to go and find out who we are and what we do in oversees missions. It was a blast making this project come to life and we are really passionate about it. I will still be blogging here, but we will share videos and our newsletters on our website. So thats the first thing! CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE HERE! and make sure you subscribe!

And while were at it, lets add a youtube channel! We both really want to start sharing bit of our lives via videos and also use it as a creative outlet. We figured that youtube was the way to go. Just a warning, Coras sweet face will be the center of most of these videos…but thats not a bad thing, right? We recently traveled 15 hours overnight by train, ferry, bus, and van all the way to England! You can see the video on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE!



Change my be coming to this blog as well. I’m in the process of figuring out what I really want this space to be. In the past we have shared on a bunch of different topics, and I feel now that its time to refocus my goals for this blog. I like clear vision and clear expectations, I always have, so thats what I’m exploring in the next few weeks! If there is anything that you personally would like to see more us please leave me a comment about it, I would love that.

My room is a mess, Cora is getting sleepy, and I need to do laundry, so I will end this with some photos over the past few weeks. Enjoy! Hope to see you at our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and WEBSITE!

IMG_5653 IMG_5953IMG_6039

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